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Calling all Irish-born now living in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand…

This year for the first time, supporters donating a filled Christmas Shoebox gift in Ireland to Team Hope for a vulnerable child overseas, can now invite their family and friends living and working outside of Ireland, to get involved at the same time.

Team Hope has recently launched it’s online version Christmas Shoebox Appeal called #GlobalIrishShoeboxAppeal. Instead of donating a physical Shoebox gift filled with the 4W’s, the Irish diaspora living in USA UK and the rest of Europe can donate either €15 / $18 / £14 for Team Hope’s partner in Kenya to fill a Shoebox gift on your behalf. These Shoebox gifts will help vulnerable children locally in Kenya, in sub-Saharan Africa.

This international online #GlobalIrishShoeboxAppeal landing page is only available to those outside of Ireland accessing Team Hope’s website with an international Internet Protocol (IP address) up to 19Nov. To find out more about how a Shoebox gift donation helps a vulnerable children in Kenya, on the web here

The Irish diaspora can now donate $18 / £14 / €15  for a Kenyan child to receive a Shoebox gift, from Team Hope’s checkout page here

Team Hope’s online version Christmas Shoebox Appeal adds to the overall impact helping vulnerable children overseas as:

  • Irish-born persons who might have donated while at school in Ireland can now get involved even if they’re living & working away from home
  • When Team Hope used these designated funds for our in-country partner to purchase filled Shoebox gifts instead, the local economy is supported and Team Hope avoids paying excise/import duties at point of entry
  • Even more vulnerable children can be helped.