The Centres of the action!

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So, the Christmas Shoeboxes have been collected.  They have been packed with love by those young and old.  The checking centres are buzzing with tape, cartons, boxes, and there are volunteers everywhere. There is the seasoned volunteer who spends their Novembers up to their eyes in shoeboxes or the newbie that is just starting out being trained at the centre. They are all working together for a common goal. There are gifts to be delivered!  Children are waiting! There is no time to stop, as Christmas is coming!!! These much loved boxes are wrapped with care. Each and every item picked to share. Loaded into boxes, the cartons onto trucks, it will be a long journey yet at the end of the line is one small child, with hope in their eyes. They get something of their own because of someone who cares. They may not have shoes on their feet, but this box in their hands make them complete. The joy they have in that moment is precious, giving them the thought that someone cared enough to give them a gift, even though they live far away. The joy of a gift is treasured, yet when you have nothing it means the most.  It is a small gesture, but we can give and make life a little better for children who have nothing.


So many boxes how could you count them?  To think across Ireland there are thousands and thousands, I’m sure.  Buses and vans going out to schools; lorries and trucks finding their way through the roads – even a puncture can’t stop them – they will keep rolling until they deliver their load!

This is such a huge job and it doesn’t stop there! More to do…can this be true?! Data entry is so important although may be boring to you. It needs to be done for there is a job to do!  Packed up and shipped out what more could be done.  Well these precious boxes need to be delivered into small little hands. Once in the destination country they find their way sent with love from far far away.  We look forward to seeing those faces light up. The joy as they open a box, what a delight.