International Volunteer teams

We’ve been involved in short term volunteer teams since before 2000 and have helped change the lives and conditions for people who live in real hardship. We’ve worked with teams in well over 20 countries on three continents!

We work with amazing partners, with massive drive and enthusiasm, to really make each year work even better than before. Maybe next year could be the year you decide to ‘go again’ or even ‘take the chance’ on your first trip.

This trip has been eye opening, inspiring, amazing,
exhausting and above all, left me craving for another trip away

(Nancy, Kenya – summer)

We’ve had another fantastic Christmas Shoebox Appeal and now we want to reach out to these children even more. Our International Volunteer team camps have been fantastic over the years. Whether it’s through practical, physical work or through fun and games with children, bringing real love and hope, each and every one of our camps have been very special and different in so many ways.

We want to bring genuine love and hope for the future, to children who deserve to feel special and cared for. We hope to do this by sharing whatever skills and passions you have to offer.

So here’s what we’re looking at for this year:

Children’s camps in Eastern Europe, helping to run a full time kids camp for about 10-12 days during late June / early July. This would be residential, bringing the children away from their daily struggles to learn how to have fun and laugh again. Teaching them how God’s love can really impact them though new friendships and new Hope.

We are looking at something similar in Africa, perhaps with some practical work involved too, probably mid/late July. Whether working side by side with the local community building water wells, planting crops or helping to paint a local school. Your help will be so important for our in-country partners, raising their esteem and trust within the communities, giving them the chance to reach even further with our Development projects.

Naturally, we want to give you some time to enjoy the country you visit. So there will be some ‘down time’ to be a regular tourist for a day. Learning culture, visiting sites etc.

The cost : The actual cost will depend on what teams we finally decide on. This is just to give you an idea of what you might expect.

Because the European camps will involve the full time care of the children, we ask that each team member helps with this. As such we are looking at place on the team costing approximately €1,000

Naturally flights to Africa are more expensive, but the running costs are expected to be far less. I hope that a 12 day team camp should costs approximately €1,800

Typically our teams spend 10-14 days in a developing country doing either practical work, running children’s camps or both.

For our work teams, trade skills are a plus, but our teams cater for abilities of all levels. All we ask is that you come as part of a team and are ready to be ‘flexible’ !

Please contact Stephen in the TEAM HOPE office for more information.
E-mail fpbajnl@grnzubcr.vr or Tel (01) 294 0222.