International Sponsorship Programme

You can change the life of a child, a family or an entire women’s group living in real need in Swaziland, Romania, Mozambique or Moldova.

You can choose between:

Typical FamilyA family struggling to exist in Romania, with little food, and little hope of getting out of poverty. Your monthly gift of €24 will help towards food, education and clothing.

An abandoned toddler in Mozambique, now being cared for in an orphanage. Your €24 per month will provide clothing, food, education and essential health care.

 A girl in Molodova – a victim of sexual abuse, or in danger of being trafficked. Thanks to your €24 monthly help, she will have a secure home environment, counselling, education or job training.

FOR GROUPS: For €50 per month your group can change the lives of a group of women in the poorest part of Swaziland. Helping them to help themselves by making and selling local crafts or produce.

How it works All sponsorship lasts for a maximum of three years (renewable, if appropriate). You will receive an initial profile of the person or group you are sponsoring, followed by six-monthly updates on their progress.
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How do I start ? 
To download click here

Download the application form or contact the office for an application pack (either by phone on 01 294 0222 or e-mail tovasb@grnzubcr.vr ). Complete the application form and return it to us, and we will be in touch with you with full details about your allocated individual, family or group.

We can promise you, your help will make all the difference !