International Sponsorship Programme

You Have The Power To Make A Change. 

Every Child Has A Future … But You Can Change It Into A Bright and Happy One!

Who Can I Sponsor? 

Team Hope runs an International Sponsorship Programme in conjunction with our in-country partners in Romania.  You can help sponsor a child or a family and make a huge difference in their lives by donating a small, regular amount each month.  The people we work with are living on the margins of society and are struggling with intense poverty.

Your money will be used to help cover their basic needs of food, clothing and other domestic needs. All funding is monitored closely by local social workers who will report back to our Partners about how it is spent.  Some of the children sponsored will be living in children’s homes run by our Partners, others will be living with their families where your money will benefit the whole household.  All of them need special help whether it’s in schooling or other support mechanisms to cope with everyday life.  Your money can ensure that they get the help they need to make their lives and futures brighter.

How Much Does It Cost?

Sponsorship costs €24.00 per month and is designed to help individuals or families improve their quality of life.  You can always give more!

Any extra money will be used for other projects into your sponsored person’s community.

How Much Of My Money Goes To The Person/Family?

Team Hope sends an average of 93% of your donation.  The other 7% goes towards the running of the programme, and ensuring that your money is well used.

How Long Does My Sponsorship Last?

We review each sponsorship after three years, or sometimes sooner if major circumstances change.  We look for significant developments to be made during that time, so that your sponsored child or family can be in a position to better look after themselves.  At that stage, you have the option to continue with a new family/child, or to discontinue your sponsorship completely.

What Sort Of Feedback Can I Expect?

When you start your sponsorship, you will receive an information profile including a photograph and details on your sponsored person or family.  Every six months you will receive an update on progress written by the social worker directly involved with your individual/family.  Any letters written for you, will also be passed on to you. 

Can I Write To The Person/Family I Sponsor?

Yes, you can do that and we can give you guidelines to write a meaningful letter.  Our in-country partners will translate all letters.

How Can I Get Involved?

Just fill in the International Sponsorship Programme Application Form, (Download here) which includes a standing order form.  Return it to Team Hope, and we will send you details of your child/family.

If you cannot afford to sponsor alone, you could find a friend (or friends) who could share the sponsorship. You could fundraise, or could give a lesser amount which would go towards community development projects in the area.

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How do I start ? 
Download the application form or contact the office for an application pack (either by phone on 01 294 0222 or e-mail Complete the application form and return it to us, and we will be in touch with you with full details about your allocated individual or family.