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Just choose your gift(s) from the options below and then you can pay securely with your debit or credit card. You will also be given the opportunity to request a card for your specific gift on which you can write your message and send on to the person on whose behalf you have sent the gift.

Alternatively see: THE TEAM HOPE PROJECTS


Mosquito nets

For just €10, help an African orphan avoid Africa’s deadliest killer – malaria. €10 MOS


Hygiene Pack for Refugee Children

A Christmas health/hygiene pack for a child fleeing the war in Syria €25 HYG


Clean Water at Home

Providing a family in rural Kenya with clean water through our Bio Sand filters €60 WTR


Village Water Supply

Help provide water, when there is none in the village school. It will bring life to a Kenyan village. €200 WSC



€15 will enable us to buy a starter brood of chickens – providing both food and income. €15 CHK



In Nepal it’s the children who look after the goats,. They are proud of them! Your goat can provide milk, butter and cheese. €50 GOA


A Christmas shoebox

Missed the closing date? Your €15 will enable our partners in Kenya to make a box in your name. €15 CSA2


Sports Equipment

Provide Sports Equipment for a school team in the poorest part of Rwanda’s capital, Kigali €40 CLA


A plot of trees

Provide trees in a school playground. The children will look after their trees and enjoy their shade from the hot African sun. €30 TRE


Most needed

Let us choose the most urgent need. Your gift will be carefully used in helping some of the world’s poorest children. NEE

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